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Islet- and Musculoskeletal Research Group ​


The Islet- and musculoskeletal research group focuses on fundamental research on islet cells in view of finding a new source of donor islet cells for transplantation. The group has established collaborations with researchers within and outside South Africa; Prof Dietrich - the University of the Western Cape (South Africa), Prof B. Longo-Mbenza- Walter Sisulu University (South Africa), Prof J.D. Johnson - the University British Columbia (Canada), Prof MD Shahidul Islam – Karolinska Institute (Sweden) and Prof A.N. Balamurugan - the University of Minnesota (USA).

For any enquiries about the Islet and MSK Research team, please contact Dr Venant Tchokonte-Nana.


Group Contact details:

Whatsapp: @Islet&MSK Res group

Slack: @Islet&MSK Res group

Staff and Students

Research Group Leader


HPEd, BMedScHons (Anatomy), MSc (Anatomy), PhD (Histology).

Tel: +27-219389413; 


PhD candidates:

Mrs. Eleonore NGOUNOU, BMedScHons (Anatomy); MSc ( Anatomy).

Project: Hyperglycaemia and its implication on the pancreatic islet microvasculature in diabetic rat models.

Tel: +27-747706062; 


Mrs.  Rochelle van WIJK, ND (Med Tech.), BTech (Biotech.), MSc (Med).

Project:  An investigation of diet-induced diabetes on the cognitive function and histomorphology of the brain.

Tel; +27-843524919; 


MSc candidates:

Mr. Bryan BERGSTEEDT, BSc (Life Sc.), BScHons(Anatomy).

Tel: +27-219389397; 


Dr. Chancy MADY-GOMA, MD.

Project: Variations of the level of division of the sciatic nerve and implications on the popliteal block. 

Tel: +27-740740319; 


Miss.  Cyrilleen McKAY, BSc (Life Sc.) BScHons (Anatomy).

Project:  Lateral Cortical Bone Thickness of Dry Mandibles in the Region of the Mental Foramen: Implications of Accessory Mental Foramen by the Champy Technique.

Tel: +27-718390637; 


Mr. Jaudon FOIRET, BSc (Life Sc.), BScHons (Anatomy).

Project: The effect of a high sucrose diet on ovarian morphology, bone composition and fertility in the rat.

Tel: +27-769298511; 


BSc Honours candidates:

Miss.  Ikhona DYAN, BSc (Life Sc.).

Project: Effects of Streptozotocin on testicular histomorphology of Wistar rats: A morphometric study.

Tel: +27-731657393; 


​Interdisciplinary students:

PhD candidate:

Division of Clinical Pharmacology

Miss Clare Njoki KIMANI, BSc, MSc (Pharmacology).

Project: Beta-cell regeneration and pharmacokinetic interaction of a selected anti-diabetic plant with oral hypoglycaemic drugs.

Tel: +27-843751501; email:

BSc Honours candidate:

Division of Medical Physiology

Mrs Sophie Tanyi TABE, BSc (Biochemistry).

Project: The expression of oxidative stress markers in the serum of diabetic rat models.

Tel: +27-638531899; email: