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​Clinical Anatomy

Clinical-Anatomy.jpgVariation in human anatomy occurs more than what is expected and it is important to accumulate an accurate description of the prevalence of variation.  It can play a significant role in a variety of diseases and the knowledge of these variations is essential in certain procedures and surgeries. Certain structures exhibit more variation compared to other structures in the human body. These structures need to be observed in a sufficient quantity of specimens to ensure that an accurate description of the normal structure can be stated. "The only constant in anatomy is variation". Recently a MSc study looked into the variation present in the Circle of Willis of a cadaver cohort.

A PhD study was completed where the health status of a cadaver population was assessed with the emphasis on tuberculosis lesions (TB). This study looked at the pathological changes in the lungs and various other organs associated with TB. This project included components of molecular biology (mycobacterial genotyping), radiology (Lodox(R) statscan) and anatomical- and histopathology.  For any enquiries about the Clinical Anatomy projects or opportunities, please contact Prof Ben Page.