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Research Day

  • Prof Willie Perold (Vice Dean:  Research) organises a Research Day on an annual basis so that a certain number of our Faculty's lecturers can showcase their interesting research projects.   
  • This year's Research Day took place on 30 November 2017 and the following lecturers/staff members were given the opportunity to present at the Research Day (click on THIS link to view the programme).  
  • The first half of the programme was recorded by means of Camtasia software, but unfortunately something went wrong and as a result the second half of the programme was unfortunately not recorded.  

Name of Presenter

Presentation (PDF)

Presentation (Recording)

09:00 - Prof Wikus van Niekerk (Dean:  Faculty of Engineering)
Prof Wikus van Niekerk (PDF)
​​​Prof Wikus van Niekerk (recording)
09:20 - Dr Therina Theron (Senior Director:  Research & Innovation)
​​Dr Therina Theron (PDF)
Dr Therina Theron (recording)
09:40 - Prof Anton van Niekerk (Department of Philosophy)
Prof Anton van Niekerk (PDF) 
Prof Anton van Niekerk (recording)
10:00 - Ms Tanya Ficker (Faculty Postgraduate Coordinator)
Tanya Ficker (PDF)
Tanya Ficker (recording)
10:20 - Ms Alecia Erasmus (Stellenbosch University International)
​​​Alecia Erasmus (PDF)
Alecia Erasmus (recording)
10:30 - Ms Riana Coetsee (Division for Research Development)
Riana Coetsee (PDF) 
Riana Coetsee (recording)
11:00 - Prof Thomas Niesler (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)
unfortunately not available
11:20 - Prof Kristiaan Schreve (Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering)
Prof Kristiaan Schreve (PDF)  
unfortunately not available
11:40 - Prof Corné Schutte (Industrial Engineering)
​​Prof Corné Schutte (PDF)  
unfortunately not available
12:00 - Prof Billy Boshoff (Civil Engineering)
Prof Billy Boshoff (PDF)  
unfortunately not available