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 Programmes offered:    Undergraduate Programmes              BA Sport Science             BSc in Sport ScienceAfter obtaining a BA (Sport Sc) or BSc (Sport Sc) degree, students may apply for admission to one or more of the postgraduate programmes listed below.___________________________________________________________________  Certificate Programmes           Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). Refer to the SU Calendar, Education Part 6.____________________________________________________________________  Honours Programmes           BScHonsPerformance SportKinderkineticsBiokineticsA limited number of candidates are admitted to this specialisation in Performance Sport, Kinderkinetics and Biokinetics.   Closing date for applications: 31 July. Refer to the SU Calendar, Education Part 6.______________________________________________________________________________________________   Master's Degrees            MSc (Sport Science)The aim of the programme is to equip students with the research skills within the field of Sport Science by making research opportunities available. A secondary aim is to prepare prospective doctoral students for advanced study. Refer to the SU Calendar, Education Part 6._______________________________________________________________________________________________   Doctoral Degrees            PhD (Sport Science)The PhD programme aims at providing students in Education with opportunities to carry out high-level research, to build their research capacity and to make an original and relevant contribution to scientific knowledge by conducting research in an independent manner.  Refer to the SU Calendar, Education Part 6. For Students Career Opportunities  Programmes  Programme Committees  Research focus areas  SU Calendar                 Important Information   Call for Postgraduate Bursaries for 2016 ____________________________________