SPL (School of Public Leadership)
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BA Development & Environment

​​The programme imparts basic knowledge about how communities work, about the processes of economic development and the natural environment and understanding the nature and results of interaction among communities, socio-economic development processes and the natural environment. The programme builds basic and management skills for managers, planners and administrators in the public and private sectors and in local and national authorities. Specific occupational fields include community development, population development, town and regional planning, tourism planning and management, resource planning and management and environmental planning and management.

This is a truly interfaculty three-year programme running from 2000 for first-years with normal university admission requirements for the various subjects and allowing possible further study in one of three majors. Students take a three-set of compulsory majors from first to third years, namely Geography and Environmental Studies, Sociology (from the Arts Faculty) and Public and Development Management (from the Economic and Management Sciences Faculty). From the latter faculty Economics up to second year or Economics 271 is also compulsory. During their first and second years students take two minors from the Arts Faculty: History, Political Philosophy, Information Science or a language skills course.

Admission requirements

 • Write the National Benchmark Academic and Quantitative Literacy (AQL) Test 

• For the National Senior Certificate an aggregate of at least 60% is required

• Home Language 4

• First Additional Language 3

If Socio-Informatics is taken as a university subject, then also:

• Mathematics 4 or Mathematical Literacy 6

If Economics is taken as a university subject, then also:

• Mathematics 5


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