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Welcome to the Doctorate Programme in Public Management & Development Programme of the School of Public Leadership. We recognise the capacity invested in this programme as the culmination of all academic effort in teaching, research and community interaction and we are proud of the impact that alumni of this programme have in the delivery of public value globally.

We are excited about the substantive interest shown by so many prospective applicants. Unfortunately, the interest far exceeds our institutional and academic capacity and we have introduced an application and admission process that will ensure that we maximise the available capacity. This purpose of this document is to provide you with a step-by-step guide to apply and to provide further information that will help towards increasing your chances for a successful application.

The information provided in this document only supplements the provisions and conditions for doctorate programmes as set out in Stellenbosch University Calendar Part I and Part 10 (Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences). Please familiarise yourselves with these provisions. See online www.sun.ac.za/English/Documents/Yearbooks .


Application and admission steps

If you are in possession of a Master's Degree in Public Management, Public Administration, Development Management, Development Planning or other field relevant to our Doctorate Programme and are interested to apply, please follow these steps:





List of potential Promoters & key research interests  


Proposal-drafting guidelines  

Although there are differences between research proposals that reflect differences between disciplines and different types of research designs, there is a certain structure or logic that characterises all research proposals. This document provides prospective doctoral candidates with an overview of the standard components that should be included in a proposal. 



Prospective Doctoral candidates should contact: Ms Riana Moore at the School of Public Leadership, Bellville Park Campus, PO Box 610, BELLVILLE, 7535 Tel +27 (0)21 918 4400 or djam@sun.ac.za for information on fees and admission requirements.