ACCERUS and its key objectives

To remain relevant and knowledgeable across relevant corruption subject matter ACCERUS strives to be appropriately expert in:

  • High levels of education and training supported by rigorous research.

  • The internal workings and circumstances of government institutions. (Here ACCERUS benefits greatly from the experience the SPL has accumulated through its many years of interaction with, and study of, government organisations and their officials)

ACCERUS: A specialist anti-corruption education and training institution

Through a comprehensive three year exercise of gathering, studying and analysing the most relevant anti-corruption knowledge available, ACCERUS has developed a number of HEQC (Higher Education Qualifications Council) accredited courses. These educational and skills training courses, as arguably the most comprehensive anti-corruption courses in Africa, are designed specifically to impart knowledge, awareness, skills and the strategies necessary to introduce and enforce effective anti-corruption programmes in the typical public sector organisation -and also have relevance to private sector organisations.

NOTE: The School of Public Leadership (SPL) has been teaching wide ranging and high-level public sector management theory and skills to government officials, both at an undergraduate and post graduate level, for the past 22 years. The SPL has through its high professional and educational standards become the school of choice for many government institutions in South Africa and other African countries.

  • Relevant legislation, financial management and accounting systems, auditing and investigation methods, governance and ethics practices, organisational and management arrangements, and a wide range of existing anti-corruption approaches.

  • Contemporary international developments concerning the combating of corruption. (Here ACCERUS is in collaboration with a number of relevant international bodies and foreign institutions)

  • Ways to promote higher levels of integrity, probity and best practice in governments and their use of public resource.

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