Research Report
Skool Vir Openbare Bestuur & Beplanning : 2006
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Proceedings National
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Chapters in Books
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Research Reports
TUSTIN D, HAMMAN R. South African Metropolitan Consumers’ Perceptions of Corporate Citizenship and Ethical Purchasing Behaviour. Pretoria: Bureau for Market Research. . 2006: 141 pp.
Doctoral completed
CLARKE DG. Map Literacy in South Africa and its implications for Development Planning. PhD, 2006. 280 pp. Promotor: Cloete GS.
GELDENHUYS L. Geïntegreerde Risikobestuur - 'n bestuursmeganisme vir verhoogde effektiwiteit in die openbare sektor. PhD, 2006. 256 pp. Promotor: Uys FM.
Masters completed
BASTANI NC. A project proposal for the formation of people’s theatre: A community drama project for the moral development and empowerment of the youth in Hout Bay. MPhil, 2006. 87 pp. Studieleier: Kruger M. Medestudieleier: Swilling M.
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PETA PP. The Developmental Project Plan for Tale Ga-Morudu Vaalpenskraal Farming Project. MPhil, 2006. 105 pp. Studieleier: Swilling M.
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WATSON I. De Beers, Diamonds and Angola: Developing an understanding of the role of sustainable development and corporate citizenship in De Beers’ exploration strategy. MPhil, 2006. 66 pp. Studieleier: Swilling M.

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