SPL (School of Public Leadership)
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BA Socio-Informatics

​​This three-year programme equips you for a variety of careers in the modern electronic world of information. The programme focuses on the importance of South Africa’s social and economic development in a competitive world. Information and information technology are used to improve managerial decision-making, education, health services, e-commerce and job creation by developing the small business sector.

The curriculum covers topics such as the dynamics of a global knowledge society, information and knowledge management, information technology, the publishing, organization and retrieval of information in the electronic multimedia, the Internet and the World Wide Web as modern information infrastructure. You may combine Information Science with other subjects such as Geography and Environmental Studies, Business Management, Public and Development Management, Political Science, Sociology and languages to be even more career-oriented. You may also combine Information Science with other majors to qualify yourself better as a knowledge worker in modern knowledge organizations.

The programme prepares you for a variety of careers in information such as information and records management, information consultation, multimedia publishing, the design and management of corporate web pages/sites and/or Intranets, and real-time electronic information services and databases.

Admission requirements

Write the National Benchmark Academic and Quantitative Literacy (AQL) Test  

• For the National Senior Certificate an aggregate of at least 60% is required. 

• Home Language 4

• First Additional Language 3

• Mathematics 5

If Mathematics is taken as a university subject, then also:

• Mathematics 6


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