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Project Zero/Dean's Fund

One of the Faculty's strategic objectives is student success. However, a significant challenge to student success is many students' lack of financial means to undertake and successfully complete degree programmes.

By introducing the Dean's Fund for undergraduate students, the Dean wishes to increase the bursary offering to attract and attain those students who are both academically amongst the best and in need of financial assistance.

Through the Dean's Fund, the Faculty aims to support 100 undergraduate students with top-up bursaries of R10 000 each per annum. These bursaries will help cover the cost of their tuition. The Faculty also aims to increase the number of full-cost bursaries for undergraduate students at a cost of R40 000 per bursary for tuition, or R80 000 per bursary for both tuition and accommodation.

"Investing in the Dean's Fund is not only an investment in a bursary fund; it is an investment in helping students to reach their full potential and secure a better future," says Prof Du Plessis.

For more information please contact the Dean's office: 

Tel: 021 808 3404
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