Visual Arts
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Exhibition Proposals

The gallery’s primary mandate is to showcase research and innovation within the fields of visual arts and design, and principally as generated by our faculty, graduate students and colleagues within the field, locally and abroad. Exhibitions are by invitation and the programme is discussed and vetted by a committee. 

The gallery is only available as a venue for hire in very exceptional circumstances, and if the gallery programme permits.

You are welcome to submit a proposal for use of the space to be circulated to the committee for consideration. The proposal should include a detailed description of the project/event; proposed dates and any other information that would be relevant. 

The current part-time GUS curator is Greer Valley (e-mail), assisted by gallery custodian Kamiela Crombie (e-mail) and senior student assistants, as part of volunteer professional practice skills training. 

Should your proposal be accepted, you will work in communication with the curator and a GUS Committee member, who will assist you with the various aspects of organising your exhibition as pertains to university procedures & scheduling. The responsibility for all transport, installation and supply of relevant exhibition information ultimately rests with the exhibitor, and we will assist as far as possible. 

Exhibitors (artists/their representatives and curators) will be asked to sign an Exhibition Contract with a loan agreement for all artworks and objects they will bring to GUS for the duration of the exhibition. Transit insurance is the responsibility of the artist. Insurance for the duration of the exhibition is the responsibility of the university. 

The university takes 40% commission on any sales during the exhibition. If the artist has commercial gallery representation, and the gallery assists with publicising the exhibition, or brokers sales during the exhibition, a shared commission can be negotiated.