Visual Arts
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Community Interaction

‚ÄčThe Department of Visual Arts is committed to community interaction as one of the three pillars of Stellenbosch University's mission and vision. The Department is currently involved in the following programs:

Art in Schools - NSCAD University/Stellenbosch University

The Art in Schools Initiative's mission is to develop, encourage, and promote creative thinking amongst teachers and learners by inserting visual art projects into the curriculum.

Departmental contact person: Elizabeth Gunter (e-mail)

Rewriting the socio-political history of the arts in Stellenbosch

Through engaging the people of Stellenbosch in dialogue and collective remembering and sharing, Collaboratively rewriting the Socio-Political History of South African Arts hopes to help bridge the social divide that exists in the town due to ingrained perceptions of the past and so build a collaborative new history together.

Departmental contact person: Elmarie Costandius (e-mail)

Service Learning (Art Education)

Students are required to work at an educational institution or NGO/NPO as an assistant educator for three weeks. A portfolio of evidence is required confirming participation or involvement to fulfill the requirements for this component. From this experience, a learning problem related to critical citizenship needs to be identified, and developed into a research question.

Departmental contact person: Elmarie Costandius (e-mail)

Visual Arts bridging course

Learn To Earn, an NGO in Khayelitsha and Elmarie Costandius from the Department of Visual Arts developed a bridging programme for black African youths interested in Visual Communication Design (Graphic Design) as a career choice. The role of the Department in this partnership is to develop the main contents of the programme, as well as to assist in teaching most of the courses. Learn To Earn has received a grant which enabled them to host the programme.

Departmental contact person: Karolien Perold-Bull (e-mail)

Visual Communication Design Citizenship project

The Citizenship project (previously called Amabali Ethu), which includes social learning to enhance social transformation of a post-apartheid society, was introduced into the Visual Communication Design (VCD) curriculum. The components of the project are: a) Socratic discussions on race-related themes such as stereotyping, power relations and blackness/whiteness; b) community interaction outside the university; and c) reflection writing. The information gathered in the discussions with community members was used in typographical layouts expressing the content and emotions experienced while working with these sensitive issues.

Departmental contact person: Karolien Perold-Bull (e-mail)