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BA Student Committee

The BA Student Committee (BASC) is the student representative body of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The committee consists of seven BA students who serve the BA study body, in the form of everyday students through various inter-departmental initiatives. The committee is tasked with handling academic queries, promoting social and cultural awareness and spearheading a number of other initiatives which are relevant to the BA and Stellenbosch student body. Our core operations include ensuring that you are satisfied with how your classes are conducted and assisting with any grievances which may arise from the conduct of your lecturers, course content, calculation of your HEMIS (Higher Education Information Management System) score and academic scoring. 

The BASC executive committee represents students on a variety of university committees, including the Academic Affairs Council also known as ABR - Akademiese Belangeraad and the Student Representative Council (SRC). The Academic Affairs Council safeguards the academic interests of students at our university and makes sure that any changes the university would like to implement are adequately scrutinised by student representatives. Other than serving as representative student body for the faculty, BASC is involved in a number of initiatives geared at promoting the Arts and Social Science Faculty and its students. BA Week, our annual showcase serves to introduce students to various careers that they may want to undertake after the conclusion of their studies at BA Career Day, we also host various discourses throughout the week on relevant and engaging topics as well as hosting a social outreach and arts exhibition event. Keep an eye out for more information about all these as well as other exciting activities. Feel free to engage us on anything you feel can contribute to making this faculty greater and more inclusive to everyone. You can contact us at, check our social media or visit our office at the entrance of the Arts and Social Science building.

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