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Undergraduate Students

Have you just finished high school and are you interested in pursuing a degree in the arts, social sciences or languages? Or have you taken a gap year in order to find your feet and are you now ready to buckle down and focus on obtaining a degree through the Faculty of Arts and Social Scie​nces at Stellenbosch University (SU)?

If your answer is yes to either of the questions above, take a look at our Prospectus to gain some insight into the kind of undergraduate degree programmes on offer. You can also visit the departmental website of the department offering the course you are interested in to get additional information.

The Centre for Prospective Students also provides more detailed information regarding amongst others, the degree programmes on offer at SU, how to apply for these programmes, students fees and bursaries, as well as accommodation options.

International Students

Stellenbosch University is a world-renowned academic institution based in South Africa. The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences prides itself on attracting both undergraduate and postgraduate international students from the rest of the African continent and the world.

International students who are interested in pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme can read the Faculty's undergraduate andpostgraduate 
Prospectus for more details. Download the entire undergraduate Prospectushere or read through the entire postgraduate Prospectus here.

For detailed information on each programme, please consult the University Calendar. Click here for the full Calendar

For specific information related to programmes offered within the 18 departments in this Faculty, contact the relevant department.

Postgraduate Students

Stellenbosch University is well-known for producing the highest research output in South Africa. Currently, we have more than 10 000 postgraduate students of which 1 529 (2011 figure) are based in our own Faculty. The University also has 140 postdoctoral fellows based at our institution, three Centres of Excellence, 11 South African Research Chair Initiative (SARChI) chairs and one South African National Energy Research Institute (SANERI) professor.

​What postgraduate programmes do we offer in our Faculty?

We offer a wide range of postgraduate programmes on honours, masters and doctoral level. For more information about our postgraduate offering, click here.

Graduate School (For PhD students)

Prospective doctoral students can also apply for a doctoral programme via the Graduate School. The Graduate School focuses on coordinating research themes focused on Africa's development, administers doctoral programmes and full-time doctoral scholarships, recruits and enrols doctoral students from the African continent, appoints supervisors and examiners, and monitors and evaluates operations to assure quality. 


The r​esearch themes for which you may currently apply are:​​​

  • Democratisation, poverty and conflict
  • Land, environment and society in Africa (LESA)
  • Transitions and translations: Africa in local and global imaginaries
  • The arts as knowledge
  • Science, technology and society
  • Consolidated geographical information technology (GIT) application for sustaining development and the environment
  • Language, culture and communication
  • Public mental health
For more details about the Graduate School and how to apply for one of the full-time doctoral scholarships provided over a period of three years by the Graduate School, please click here.
What kind of research do we pursue at postgraduate level?
If you wish to learn more about the type of research we conduct within the 18 departments in our Faculty, you can visit our Research menu. A list of all 48 of our National Research Foundation (NRF)-rated researchers as well as the research they are focusing on is listed here. You will also be directed to the department in which this researcher is based for further information about the specific researcher and about other researchers based in this department.

Facilities and services for postgraduate students

The following facilities and services in our Faculty caters specifically for our postgraduate students' needs:

  • The Postgraduate Examinations Office (PEO) is based in the Arts and Social Sciences building and offers assistance with regards to the submission of dissertations and the postgraduate examination processes of the Faculty.
  • Doctoral research rooms are reserved for doctoral students within the Faculty. There are three research rooms located in the Arts building. Each room has 10 work spaces, fitted with dividers, electric outlets for laptops and wireless internet connection. The research rooms are locked at all times, however, doctoral students have key-card access to these facilities 24 hours to work on their dissertations.
  • The African Doctoral Academy (ADA) offers training, courses and workshops on research methods to postgraduate students across campus, South Africa and Africa.
In addition, the University's JS Gericke Library based on the Stellenbosch campus houses the Carnegie Research Commons which is equipped with computers, individual workstations to conduct research and work, seminar rooms, and areas for postgraduate students to host study groups, have discussions and relax. The Research Commons is for use by postgraduate students, academic staff and researchers only. A postgraduate computer user area in the library is also provided for all postgraduate students and can only be accessed with your student card. 

How do I select and apply for a postgraduate degree programme?

You can visit the University's Postgraduate and International Office online for more information regarding all the postgraduate degree programmes on offer at SU, how to apply for a degree programme, scholarships and exchange opportunities, and accommodation options to name a few.

For general information on the postgraduate programmes offered at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences click here. For the entire postgraduate Prospectus, click here. For detailed information on each programme, please consult the University Calender, Part 4. Click here for the full Calendar.

For specific information related to programmes offered within the 18 departments in this Faculty, contact the relevant department.
For general enquiries, contact the SU Client Service Centre at 021 808 9111 or where the staff will gladly assist you or refer your enquiry to the relevant person for further assistance.


Interesting Fa​cts about Stellenbosch University:

  • Stellenbosch is well-known for its innovative academic programmes, quality teaching and, by harnessing the latest information and communication technology, effective learning opportunities.

  • We support our students from day one. The First Year Academy is an initiative that uses early assessment and tutor programmes to help first-year students to study successfully.

  • Our library facilities are truly amazing. Apart from our large and diverse collection of information sources, the JS Gericke Library also sports a brand new Learning Commons for undergraduate students to use for their studies - a first for a South African university.

  • Stellenbosch is one of the top three research universities in South Africa.​​​

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