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Prof Helene Loxton

Loxton obtained her DPhil in 2004 at Stellenbosch University and is currently a senior lecturer in the Psychology Department. She has a particular interest in promoting childhood development and her growing interest and involvement in fear, anxiety and coping research is reflected in her research focus and sustained outputs both nationally and internationally. Although the merit of her completed research contribution lies in the diverse multicultural South African context, the contextualization thereof within the framework of the broader international scientific knowledge base, is also acknowledged by colleagues abroad. Her research started with focusing on childhood fears within different developmental stages. From a developmental perspective, the studies with young children from a diverse range of socioeconomic backgrounds contribute significantly to knowledge on planning and implementation of future early intervention programmes. Other subthemes include research relating to the origins of children's fears, the development of child-friendly measuring instruments, evaluation of interventions focused on prevention, and gaining insight into the world of the often marginalised population of children with disabilities. Her current research represents two broad themes, namely, fears and parental rearing patterns, and fears and anxiety in vulnerable populations, including children with visual impairments.


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