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Prof Christine Anthonissen

Anthonissen received her PhD at the University of Vienna, Austria in 2001 working on Critical Discourse Analysis as a Critical Theory that developed during the 1970s. She specifically considered how such theory could be used in analysing media discourses produced under the constraints of strict state censorship. Her current research focuses on Discourse Studies, Critical Discourse Analysis and social aspects of Bilingualism and Multilingualism. This work topicalises discourses of coming to terms with a traumatic past, such as those produced during the hearings of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and language discordant discourses between health workers and patients in HIV/AIDS clinics. She has undertaken an interdisciplinary project that investigates characteristics of language shift from Afrikaans to English in a number of Western Cape communities, tracing the nature of the language choices that are made in personal and private contexts and in various public domains. She is one of the editors of Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics (SPIL and SPIL PLUS), and a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Language and Politics; and Multilingual Margins.


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