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Research Interest

Department Interest

Dr Jason Bantjes Community Psychology, Group and Individual Psychotherapy, Cognitive psychology
Dr Bronwyne Coetzee Health psychology, HIV/ chronic illness and behaviour
Prof Awie Greeff Family well-being: A salutogenic approach
Dr Zuhyr Kafaar HIV and AIDS; psychometry; psychological test construction and validation; measurement theory; research on children and adolescents; telepsychology
Prof Ashraf Kagee Health Psychology; HIV/Aids; treatment adherence; stress and trauma
Prof Lou-Marie Kruger Women's mental health
Dr Marieanna le Roux Human-animal interaction; animal-assisted reading programme
Ms Anthea Lesch Social determinants of health, psychology and public health, psychosocial aspects of HIV prevention, paediatric HIV/AIDS disclosure, community participation in health promotion, socio-behavioural issues in HIV vaccine research, health and well-being of vulnerable populations.
Dr Elmien Lesch Close/intimate relationships and relationships interventions in different South African communities.
Prof Helene Loxton Childhood fears and coping mechanisms. Early childhood stimulation
Prof Tony Naidoo Applied community psychology
Prof Tony Naidoo Career psychology and work-related behaviour
Prof Tony Naidoo Ecopsychology and wilderness therapy
Mr Desmond Painter Social Psychology
Dr Chrisma Pretorius Neuropsychology, Psychometric Assessment, Psychopathology
Dr Nceba Somhlaba Grief and loss; Stress, appraisal and coping
Ms Rizwana Roomaney Women's health and reproductive health
Dr Hermann Swart Intergroup Contact and its effects on Prejudice in South Africa
Prof Leslie Swartz Culture and mental health
Prof Mark Tomlinson Infant and child development in the context of adversity; postpartum depression and infant development; infant attachment; developmental psychopathology; community based prevention programs for families with infants and young children; community based prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV; community based prevention of alcohol use in pregnant mothers; priority setting in research; psychology and public health; infant mental health and public health.
Dr Sherine van Wyk Community mental health, aggression and prevention interventions