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MA (Masters in Clinical Psychology)






2021 Applications open on  20th April  2020

Selection application process opens on Monday, 20 April 2020 – 14:00


All updated information on the process will be made available on 20 April 2020 – 14:00​

2021 Applications close on 30th May 2020

Selection week: 17- 19 August 2020


MA (Clinical Psychology)

Programme Code   59773 – 899(180)


Specific Admission Requirements

· An Honours degree in Psychology or an equivalent qualification that Senate has

approved for admission to the programme, or a Master's degree in Psychology,

Proficiency in at least two official languages.


Closing Date for Applications

Apply by 30th May of the preceding year. 

Admission is subject to selection, which takes place in August of the preceding year. Application forms and information on the selection process are available on the Department of Psychology's website at


Programme Structure

The programme focuses on the identification and treatment of psychopathology in children and adults, as well as on the development, implementation and assessment of preventative and remedial counselling programmes. The theoretical component is presented in English and consists of different modules which cover the broad terrain of Clinical and Counselling Psychology. The practical component of the programme requires you to be involved in the diagnostic assessment and psychotherapeutic treatment of adult patients, children and families, and to undertake individual community projects. You must be involved continuously throughout the year

(approximately 15 to 20 hours per week) with the Welgevallen Community Psychological Clinic, community clinics and within departmental community projects. An assignment, based on independent research under supervision, must also be completed.


This programme satisfies the conditions and requirements of the Professional Board for Psychology for the professional training of clinical and counselling psychologists and is accredited as such with the Professional Board. In order to register as a clinical or counselling psychologist the Professional Board for Psychology requires:


1. The successful completion of examinations and practical work;

2. A full-time internship of 12 months accredited by the Professional Board;

3. 12 months of community service; and

4. The successful completion of the Professional Board's examination for          



Registration with the Board as either a clinical or counselling psychologist is determined by whether a clinical or counselling accredited internship has been completed. Details about internships and community service is available from the programme co-ordinator.


Duration of Programme

The programme is presented full-time for the duration of one academic year.

Programme Content


Compulsory Modules

13882 : Psychological Interventions 875(40)

13881 : Psychological Assessment 875(50)                                                                  

11561 : Professional Development 875(30)

13883 : Assignment (Clinical Psychhology) 875(60)


Assessment and Examination

A minimum final mark of 50% is required to pass each module. The final mark for the programme is based on the relative weights of the different modules as indicated by their respective credit values. In addition, the Professional Board for Psychology requires that, upon completion of the programme, your knowledge and skills be externally assessed and marks be moderated. This is done by means of an oral examination following the written examinations in November. Practical work is assessed continuously, and all practical work must be successfully completed as a prerequisite for obtaining the degree.



Selection Co-ordinator:

Ms Megan Snow

021 8082696