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About Us - The Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology at Stellenbosch University is one of the oldest psychology departments in South Africa. From a humble beginning in 1917, with only 30 students, it now has about 2300 students (of which 100 are enrolled in postgraduate programmes) and 20 full-time academic and support staff-members .

The Department offers a broad spectrum of undergraduate modules and several postgraduate programmes. Several larger research programmes are currently in progress, some of which are sponsored by overseas funders or are managed in collaboration with foreign partners. In addition, the Department is running several community projects , providing psychological services and prevention programmes to a range of communities and groups. These projects also serve as opportunities for training and research.

According to its Mission and Vision the Department of Psychology places a strong emphasis in its academic and research programmes on the psychosocial problems and the promotion of psychological well-being of the people of the Western Cape region, South Africa and the continent of Africa. At the same time, the Department strives to maintain international standards and to develop itself as a strong research-orientated institution.