Political Science
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A major in Political Science enables you to join a broad range of interesting and practice-oriented post-graduate programmes, at this university, elsewhere in South Africa, and internationally. Political Science graduates go on to become, amongst others:

  • Managers in the private and public sector
  • Business entrepreneurs
  • Journalists and public relations specialists
  • Diplomats
  • Lawyers
  • Political analysts
  • Organisers and activists in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and social movements
  • Officials of international organizations such as the United Nations
  • Consultants
  • Aid and relief workers for international bodies
  • Managers of political and other public campaigns
  • Researchers on national and international public affairs
  • Negotiators
  • Peace builders
  • Military and security specialists
  • International election monitors
  • Political advisors

​Below are some websites of various public and private sector institutions that work in the field of Political Science / International Relations:


Institute for Security Studies http://www.iss.co.za/

South African Insititute of International Affairs http://www.saiia.org.za/

Department of International Relations and Cooperation (RSA) http://www.dfa.gov.za/employment/index.html

The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD)http://www.accord.org.za/

Institute for Global Dialogue http://www.igd.org.za/

Institute for Justice and Reconciliation http://www.ijr.org.za/

Africa Institute http://www.ai.org.za/

Institute for a Democratic South Africa http://www.idasa.org.za/

Centre for Conflict Resolution http://www.ccr.uct.ac.za/index.php?id=122

Doctors without Borders http://www.msf.org.za

UN agencies in South Africa http://www.un.org.za

South African NGO portal http://www.ngopulse.org/group/home-page/vacancies

Frontier Advisory http://www.frontieradvisory.com/

SA-Political Science resource for students http://www.sa-polsci.com/


Foreign Policy Association Job Board http://www.fpa.org/jobs_contact2423/jobs_contact.htm

UN jobs https://jobs.un.org/Galaxy/Release3/vacancy/vacancy.aspx