Political Science
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Undergraduate Modules

​​​Module contents for undergraduate programmes


114 (12 credits) Introduction to Political Science and South African Politics 2L, 1T T

The module is an introduction to the academic discipline of Political Science. It covers key concepts, theories, models and debates in the discipline. Following the conceptual and theoretical introduction it moves on to discuss the political development of, as well as politics in contemporary South Africa.

144 (12) Introduction to International Relations and African Politics 3L T

An overview of the most important actors, structures and processes in the global system. Students will be familiarised with some practical as well as theoretical challenges related to the study and analysis of International Relations (IR), with particular attention to the African context.

212 (8) Political Behaviour 1.5L, 1S T

A study of the way that figures and institutions with authority transfer political values and the way that these values eventually become part of the political culture. In some cases certain people question the existing values and become involved in political protest and violence. The latter phenomena, as well as tolerance and conventional political participation, are studied.

222 (8) The Global Political Economy 1.5L, 1S T

A study of the dynamic interaction between politics and economics, with a specific focus on the structures of the global political economy (trade, finance, production, knowledge and security), global governance institutions and on the tension between state and market institutions; perspectives adopted in the study of this field; South Africa in the global political economy.

242 (8) Political Development 1.5L, 1S T

The analysis of the state, economy and development in Asia, Africa and/or Latin America based on case studies and comparative themes.

252 (8) Foreign Policy Analysis 1.5L, 1S T

Offers an introduction and survey of the purpose and development of foreign policy, foreign policy analysis, the interaction with domestic policy questions, the role of different actors in foreign policy and the impact that issues at regional and global levels have, with specific reference to South Africa and/or other countries or regions.

314 (12) Political Theory 2L, 1S T

The study of theoretical approaches to political economic questions and an overview of contemporary ideological thought's impact on political movements, conflict and institutions.

324 (12) Comparative Politics 2L, 1S T

Theories related to the comparison of political economic systems. Contemporary tendencies in Africa and other regions. Patterns of democratisation and electoral politics.

344 (12) Political Conflict 2L, 1S T

Theories of conflict: nature, content and origin; theories of conflict management: negotiation, bargaining and third-party intervention.

354 (12) Political Analysis 2L, 1S T

This module is an introduction to political analysis. The module offers an overview of analytical tools which can be applied when analysing political processes. It will also focus on the theory and practice of public policy and political risk analysis.

364 (12) International Relations of Africa 2L, 1S T

Africa's international position and role; inter-state relations on the continent; relations with selected external actors.