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Gouws, Amanda & Diava Stasiulis. 2014. Gender and Multiculturalism: North-South Perspectives. Routledge.

Peter Vale & Pieter Fourie. 2014. Political Sciences in South Africa: The Last Forty Years. Routledge.

Barend Lutz & Pierre du Toit. 2014.  Defining Democracy in A Digital Age: Political Support on Social Media. Palgrave Macmillan.

Prof Pierre du Toit & Dr Nicola de Jager. 2013. Friend or Foe: Dominant party systems in southern Africa. Insights from the developing world. Co-published by UCT Press and the United Nations University Press.

 "David Welsh, one of the authors of Ending Apartheid (Longman, 2011), has written probably the best recent single volume survey of the transition, The Rise and Fall of Apartheid (Jonathan Ball, 2009), a magnum opus that combines depth of analysis with a refreshing lack of ponderous academic prose. In this new book, he and Jack Spence have written a lively and concise account that extends beyond 1994 into the present century. Published in a series that combines serious academic synthesis with a style (and length) that makes complex historical events accessible to non-specialists, undergraduates and senior high school students, this new book is an example of what can happen (all too rarely, I am sorry to say) when compression meets erudition."
Source: Focus, Issue 60, January 2011