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The following page lists all the professional development, enrichment, networking and learning opportunities, available to teaching staff, to enrich their teaching practice:​

Forthcoming Event:

SoTL Conference 2017

The 10th Annual Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference is taking place on 24 and 25 October 2017. Pre-conference workshops are offered on 23 October. For more information, please go to . 

One of the pre-conference workshops is "Developing a Teaching Portfolio". Details are available on the above website or from Karin Cattell,​

6 October, 13:00-14:00, in Room 403: Developing a Teaching Portfolio (Session 3)

The first work session offered an introduction to teaching portfolios: how portfolios fit into the institutional and FASS structure, the key role of critical reflection (and how to get started), and the components of a teaching portfolio. The second session focused on how to write a 'teaching philosophy' (a short narrative about the foundations of your teaching), which is the core component of a teaching portfolio.

​As the writing of a teaching philosophy can be quite challenging, we will work with it again in the third session. We will explore a different approach from the one used in the previous session to aid your reflection on your teaching and the values and goals that underpin it. You will leave the session with a second possible framework for a teaching philosophy that you could expand on your own or with the help of the Teaching and Learning advisor in the Faculty, Dr Karin Cattell.

If you would like to attend this session, please contact Dr Cattell at ​

More information on Sessions 1 and 2 is available on the private FASS website. Please contact Dr Cattell if you would like to access the site.​

​Past Events : If you missed any of these panel discussions or seminars, please contact for a podcast recording.

2 June: Panel discussion with our 5 lecturers who received First-year Achievement Awards: "What is 'excellent teaching'?"

Five lecturers from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences were recently honoured by their top-performing 2016 first-year students with a First Year Achievement Award. Prof. Annemaré Kotzé (Ancient Studies), Dr Éric Levéel (Modern Foreign Languages), Dr Manfred Spocter (Geography and Environmental Studies), Dr Anita Jonker (EDP) and Mr Marius Swart (Afrikaans en Nederlands) were recognised for the positive influence they have had on the academic experience of these students.
I recognition of this achievement and of their dedication to teaching and learning, the Dean (Acting), Prof. Anthony Leysens, and Vice-Dean (Teaching and Learning) (Acting), Prof. Pieter Fourie, invited colleagues to a panel discussion by the above lecturers on ‘What is “excellent teaching”?’ . 

Monthly Teaching and Learning Case Study Sessions

These informal lunch-time sessions are intended to afford teaching staff across all FASS departments and disciplines the opportunity to learn from each other’s teaching experience.

Next Session: to be announced.

May session:  Innovative pedagogical practices for teaching Ancient Languages and Cultures, presented by Prof Christo van der Merwe and Ms Amy Daniels

April session:  Blended delivery of the English 178 module, presented by  Dr Riaan Oppelt

Auxin Sessions

The Centre for Teaching and Learning hereby invites you to a lunch-hour “padkos session” as part of the Auxin Project. The Auxin Project aims to create growth opportunities for SU lecturers.

The last Auxin session for 2017 took place on 26 September. Information about the 2018 sessions will be available in January 2018.

For resources of previous Auxins, click here.


Conferences and Seminars

  • SOTL.png10TH Annual Stellenbosch University Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference

The 10th annual Stellenbosch University Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) conference will take place from 24 to 25 October 2017 at the Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West.  Pre-conference workshops will take place on 23 October 2017 at the Lord Charles Hotel as well. The details of the workshops will be made available on the conference website by mid-June. 

We invite you to come and share your experiences of trying out something new or innovative in your teaching or assessment practice. Did it work or not? Perhaps you've conducted a large-scale needs analysis related to your teaching or you've discovered something interesting when analysing the results of your students' assessment! Have you conducted research on your teaching or assessment or perhaps you have some new ideas that you would like to discuss? Have you worked collaboratively with other colleagues in your department, faculty, or even across disciplines, to interrogate a teaching-related aspect? Are you a recipient of FIRLT funding; are you a SU teaching fellow; or have you received the national HELTASA award for Teaching Excellence before? Come and share your passion, your news, your results and your scholarly reflection with us in a presentation, a panel or as a poster, so that we can all learn together and make teaching at SU the best it can be.

For more important details (including closing dates for submitting abstracts and conference registration deadlines), please download this document (Afrikaanse weergawe is hierby ingesluit):

SoTL conference 2017.pdf

Courses and Training Opportunities

  • Blended Learning Short Courses 2017

The Centre for learning technologies offers lecturers an opportunity to engage with the educational theory and gain practical skills in a blended learning pedagogical approach. For more course information, please email

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