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Teaching Portfolios


owl.pngTeaching Portfolios

For more guidelines on developing your teaching portfolio, or for access to the private FASS website with detailed information on portfolios (for lecturers only), please contact Karin Cattell-Holden (


SU Teaching Excellence Awards 2019​

​​Applications are now awaited for the 2019 SU Teaching Excellence Awards. The closing date for applications in the Faculty is 26 July.

For more information, please contact Karin Cattell-Holden (

HELTASA National Excellen​ce in Teaching and Learning Awards 2019

The internal deadline for applications for the the 2019 national HELTASA Awards has now passed. If you would like

to discuss developing a portfolio for a possible application in 2020, please contact Karin Cattell-Holden 


Resources for Developing a Teaching Portfolio 


Please contact Karin Cattell-Holden ( for access to the private FASS Teaching and Learning website (for lecturers only) which contains detailed information and resources on teaching portfolios. If you would like to know how to get started with a portfolio, please contact Karin to arrange a conversation.