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Teaching and Learning Resources

For  more recommendations for useful Teaching and Learning Resources, relevant to your discipline and practice, please contact Karin Cattell-Holden ( You could also look at the resources available on the website of the Centre for Teaching and Learning.
If you would like more information on teaching portfolios, please contact Karin to arrange access to the website with portfolio resources.
General Teaching and Learning Resources


-  Student Access and Success: Issues and Interventions i​n South African Universities (Lewin & Mawoyo, 2014)



-  Designing Learning: From module outline to effective teaching (Butcher, Davies & Highton, 2006).


-  Ebook: Teaching for Quality Learning at University (Biggs & Tang, 2011).


-  Large class pedagogy: Interdisciplinary perspectives for quality higher education (Hornsby, Osman & De Matos-Ala, 2013).



If you would like to expand your knowledge of teaching and learning in higher education, these sources could serve as a guide in broadening your knowledge base of this field:

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