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The Faculty's Teaching and Learning Hub aims to provide teaching staff members with the  advice  and support to develop and enhance their teaching practice. The Hub's activities, including this online resource,  should allow you to further explore 'good teaching' and the innovative pedagogical tools available to you. 

Our aim is to provide support for the facilitation of problem-based learning through student-centred teaching practices. A reflective teaching practice requires the sharing of teaching lessons learnt within and across academic departments.  This web page is continually updated with case studies, useful resources and news articles, which we hope will help you build on on your teaching successes.

On this page you can further have a look at what the Hub offers in terms of upcoming teaching and learning events, opportunities for professional development, useful resources, blended learning guidelines, and (most importantly) hands-on lecturer support for the design and implementation of innovative learning activities.

Quote of the Week:

Proponents of the ‘Africanised university’ are over-consumed with the politics of decolonisation – as if that is the only developmental challenge facing the continent when there are many more. It absolves Africans from responsibility for their own actions and inaction. African co​untries are yet to find or construct a university education model relevant to their development needs and aspirations.

Fredua-Kwarteng, E. & Ofosu​, S. 2018.  A better model than the Af​ricanised university Link to the artile

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Vice-Dean: Social Sciences / Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


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