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Prof Tina Steiner

MA, PhD (UCT), Associate Professor




African fiction
Translation studies
Postcolonial literature
Migration studies
Eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean



African/Asian literature and Islam
Eastern African literature and the Indian Ocean
Migration and African diaspora





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MA supervision completed:

2010: Adri Goosen. Thesis title: 'Stealing the Story, Salvaging the She': Feminist Revisionist Fiction and the Bible. Distinction.


2013: Randi Rodgers. Thesis title: 'Identity and Education in the Novels by Tsitsi Dangarembga and Kopano Mtlwa'


2014: Nicole Eberhardt. Thesis title: 'Narrating Alternative Histories: An Exploration of Jamal Mahjoub's The Carrier and Amitav Ghosh's In An Antique Land'.  Distinction.


PhD supervision completed:


2015: Phenyo Butale. Thesis title: 'Discourses of Poverty: Assessing representations of indigence in post-colonial texts from Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe' (joint supervisor).


2014: Chantelle Gray Van Heerden. Thesis title: 'Translation as/in Critique: Ingrid Winterbach's oeuvre in Afrikaans and English' (joint supervisor).


2014: Kimani Kaigai. Thesis title: 'Travelling to Strange Lands: Migrant Aesthetics in Abdulrazak Gurnah's Fiction' (sole supervisor).


2014: Danson Kahyana. Thesis title: 'Negotiating (Trans)National Identities in Ugandan Literature' (main supervisor).


2013: James Ocita. Thesis title: 'Diasporic Imaginaries: memory and negotiation of belonging in East African and South African Indian Narratives' (co-supervisor).


2013: Sydoine Moudouma Moudouma. Thesis title: 'Intra-and Inter-Continental Migration in Contemporary African Literature' (sole supervisor).



PhD co-ordinator

Translations between German and English

Group leader: Eastern African and Indian Ocean Studies Reading Group (together with Prof. Grace Musila)