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Tutor Programme


Department Tutor coordinator:

  • Tilla Slabbert 

Department of English:

  • Room: 580 (Arts Building, cnr Merriman & Ryneveld Street)

  • Office Number: + 27 21 808 3652

  • Email: mslabbert@sun.ac.za


The Department of English at Stellenbosch University currently has 12 tutors of first-year English students, with a small percentage of those also tutoring second-year English studies. The majority of tutorial classes in first year English studies are lead by English tutors.

The tutors are all required to have earned their undergraduate degrees, and must be at the level of postgraduate study. Junior tutors are usually Honours students or postgraduate students who have not taught before. Senior tutors are usually students engaged in pursuing their MA or PhD degrees, or their post-doctoral studies, although this is rare. Junior-level tutors are allocated one tutorial group to teach for the academic year, although in some cases exceptions are made, particularly when a tutor also holds a teaching diploma. Senior tutors typically have more than one group. Some of the department's lecturers/staff members also make up a minor percentage of the tutoring program.