Centre for Applied Eithics
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Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Ethics

​This is a one-year programme aimed at students who hold a Bachelor's degree from a recognised university, but who do not have a background in philosophy or applied ethics. 

The diploma consists of two two-week lecture series (the first at the end of January and the second in July), as well as assignments and exams. Exams are written during the second contact session, which means that is only necessary to visit Stellenbosch for the two lecture series (in total, a period of four weeks). In other words, it is not necessary to reside in Stellenbosch, in order to enrol for this programme.

Since 2012, the programme is offered biannually. It offers a thorough introduction into philosophy and (applied) ethics, including a module on recent trends in moral theorising and one on the methodology of case studies. The programme is assessed by means of a number of assignments and exams. Attendance of the two lecture series is compulsory.

Students who attain the PGD in Applied Ethics with an average mark of 60% are eligible for admission to the MPhil (Applied Ethics) Programme.

Admission Requirements:

A Bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification from a recognised university, with an average mark of 60%. 

Nature of the programme:

The programme gives direction to students on the nature and important problem areas of applied ethics and serves as a preparation for students wishing to undertake further postgraduate study in applied ethics.

Compulsory modules:

The methodology of case studies in applied ethics;

Introduction to ethics and applied ethics;

Introduction to philosophy and critical thinking skills;

Contemporary trends in moral philosophy.


On-campus tuition (in English) for 2 two-week sessions combined with structured self-study.

Assessment and Examination:

Students are required to write a series of assignments and examinations.​