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Graduating from university is a big step in one's life journey. Once you have obtained your degree, you not only form part of the alumni community of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, but also of the greater Stellenbosch University. In addition, the Faculty and the University remain your intellectual home and can provide you with many more opportunities to further your education and skills base in future.​ 

Alumni Relations strives to keep you connected to your alma mater long after the euphoria of obtaining your qualification/s has/have died down. The success of a university depends greatly on the participation of its alumni. To facilitate these connections, our strategy rests on five pillars: engagement and cultivation, communication, volunteer management,​ early student engagement and alumni giving. Each pillar forms an integral part of the process of generating more opportunities for you to stay connected to the University, creating a stronger bond not only between the University and its alumni, but also among alumni.

If you wish to get involved with the University or even the Faculty, you can do so in one of the following ways:

  • Engagement and C​ultivation through networking opportunities, fundraisers and thought-provoking panel discussions hosted by our Alumni Relations Office.

  • Communication via our social networks. A great way to keep in touch and to find out what other alumni are doing.

  • Volunteer Mana​gement through various volunteer opportunities. Stellenbosch University's first volunteer programme, Our Alumni Circle Stellenbosch (OACS), was launched in August 2011 and is targeted at connecting recent alumni (those who have graduated since the year 2000) with the University's vision, work and community to promote continued alumni participation and involvement.

  • Early Student Engagement is promoted by connecting with our current students through the Student Representative Council (SRC), residences and societies on campus.​

  • The Alumni Giving programme is aimed at augmenting the participation of alumni, staff and friends of the University. The focus is on increasing the number of alumni who give and the amount raised.

Visit the webpage of Alumni Relations for further details about how you can get involved.