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​Statistical Profile

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has 18 departments that represent three broad disciplinary groups, namely Arts, Languages and Social Sciences, and has 10 centres.

In 2014, we had 3 347 registered undergraduate students, 1 485 postgraduate students and 385 special students (these are students who are enrolled only for a module and not a degree). Our staff component consists of 183 academic and 94 support staff members. The Faculty places immense value on creating a space for a diversity of people and ideas to flourish as this also help us to further develop the various research fields in our environment. We therefore make a concerted effort to employ staff and admit students to our Faculty who contribute to our goal of creating a diverse environment where all forms of knowledge can develop and prosper.

For information about student and staff numbers as well as demographic factors, please consult the University's Factbook.​