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The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has modern and well-equipped facilities that promote quality teaching and research. A few examples are: 


    The Humanities Computer User Area, better known by its Afrikaans name HUMARGA (Humaniora Rekenaargebruikersarea), serves four faculties - Arts and Social Sciences, Education, Law and Theology. Computer user facilities exist at each of these faculties and specialised equipment and software are also housed in the Geography and Environmental Studies, Journalism, Visual Arts and Music departments. The aim of this facility is to provide students with a computer user area to electronic sources as well as electronic classrooms and support services that make a contribution to their education. Some of the services provided include access to network space, e-mail, internet, multipurpose printers, specialised software and the latest technology. HUMARGA's open area, situated on the third floor of the Arts Building, has 250 workstations. The facility is open 24 hours to students with a valid student card, which has been activated for HUMARGA use. HUMARGA works closely with the Office for Students with Special Learning Needs and the Lombardi Braille Centre to cater for students living with disabilities as far as possible. For more information about the Lombardi Braille Centre, contact The computer user area also houses electronic classrooms used for academic lectures in related modules. Students can contact HUMARGA's help desk at 021 808 2129 or for assistance during office hours. For more information, visit HUMARGA

  • Konservatorium 

    A modern building that hosts the Endler Hall, the Fismer Hall and the Jannasch Hall. The Endler Hall, which has excellent acoustical characteristics, has been acclaimed one of the finest concert halls in the world and seats 556 people. It boasts one of the finest mechanical tracker action organs in the country, built by the renowned Danish firm Marcussen, as well as two Bösendorfer concert grand pianos. The Fismer Hall seats 200 and is a multipurpose venue suitable for chamber music concerts, rehearsals and conferences. The Jannasch Hall, cabable of seating 180, is a lecture hall and is especially suitable for multimedia presentations and meetings. The Konservatorium has three floors with 57 practice studios, of which six are equipped with pipe organs and several with grand pianos. These practice rooms have a high level of sound insulation and are designed to eliminate the production of standing sound waves when practicing. The Konservatorium also hosts a music library which has a large collection of sheet music, print and online books, theses and journals, audiovisual material and a rare and unique collection of music manuscripts and artefacts housed in the Documentation Centre for Music (DOMUS), some dating from the 16th century. In addition, it has state-of-the-art recording studios, equipped with the latest technology. The studios are capable of professional recording, editing, mixing and film audio work, with soundtracks for local and international movies having been recorded in this space already. For more information, visit the Music Department

  • Adam Small Theatre Complex​ 

    The Adam Small​ Theatre Complex​ is a multi-purpose facility used by our students for artistic educational exposure through performances presented by our students. The productions of other artists, including community productions in which our staff and students are involved, are also put on show here. Plans are currently underway to redesign the current space to offer more streamlined and cost-effective utilisation of technical and performance resources. For more information, visit the Drama Department.​​