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Volunteerism & Public Service


Addressing members of the public at meetings on topical issues that are not strictly academic in nature

Invited to address meetings and lead discussions in an accessible way related to ethics, politics and religion.

Contact person: Prof Anton van Niekerk


BUYA Schools Theatre Festival

Some 25 schools - both primary and secondary schools - as well as youth groups situated in the greater Khayelitsha area register as participants in the BUYA Schools Theatre Festival. The participants workshop their plays and are regularly visited by trained facilitators who attend rehearsals and advise them on their progress over a five month period. Skills are developed by hosting workshops in a variety of drama-related fields such as script writing, acting techniques and directing, as well as technical aspects such as lighting design.
Contact person: Mr Johan Esterhuizen

Coordinator of the Philosophy Café at the annual SU Woordfees

An event, open to the general public, during which members of the Philosophy Department speak briefly on selected topics with a philosophical theme.

Contact person: Dr Vasti Roodt

Democratic citizenship.JPG

Democratic Citizenship

Democratic citizenship training for secondary school learners. The Department of Political Science has joined forces with the local branch of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) and some of the local schools to teach young people in grade 11 all about the democratic process and how to vote. These learners have first-hand experience of voting when they take part in mock elections in the Democratic Citizenship Project, a community interaction initiative of the Department that has been running since 2010. A liberal democracy, with its concomitant political and civil liberties, needs to be underpinned by an active but responsible citizenry. Other academics from the Department who are involved with this project are Drs Derica Lambrechts and Ubanesia Adams-Jack. ​

Contact person: Dr Nicola de Jager

Endler Concert Series

The Music Department (Konservatorium) at Stellenbosch University developed a new concert series structure that was launched in the 2008 season. In doing so, the Department will continue to establish itself as a centre of excellence on a regional, national and international scale and will play a key role to promote South African music and musicians. The composition of the concert series will comprise seven distinct cycles: the Prestige Series, Orchestral Series, Piano Series, Chamber Music Series, Popular Series, Matinee Series and Choral Series.

Contact person: Mr Peter Martens ​​​​​

English Society and Poetry Society - Book Drive

Requested a book collection from Rotary International for Kayamandi students. Also collected leisure reading books from Matie students to give to the Kayamandi High School Reading Club.

Contact person: Ms Hale Tsehlana

Evening language classes

The Department of Modern Foreign Languages offers evening languages classes in French, German, Mandarin and Spanish at beginner's level.

Contact person: Ms Renate du Toit

Examination Centre for International Language Profi-ciency Examinations for German and French

The Department partners with the Goethe Institute for German and the Alliance Francaise du Cap for French to offer language proficiency examinations to the broader community in the Boland and Overberg region. Major exam centres are in Johannesburg and Cape Town and provide a valuable service to these communities.

Contact person: Ms Renate du Toit

Member of COMEST (The World Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology)

COMEST is a formal body of UNESCO that was established in 1999 by a decision of the General Assembly of UNESCO. Its main task entails research and discussion of emerging ethical issues related to new developments in science and technology as they emerge on a global scale. On the basis of this research and discussion, the Director General of UNESCO is advised about possible appropriate responses that could be submitted to the General Assembly for discussion and adoption. These responses can vary from awareness raising through reports, to the adoption of normative instruments such as universal declarations of ethical principles relevant to the challenge under discussion.

Contact person: Prof Johan Hattingh 

New Afrikaans Bible Translation

Various members of the Ancient Studies Department are involved in the New Afrikaans Bible Translation project either as translators or source language experts.

Contact person: Prof Johan Thom

Political Science: Media Liaisons

Members of the Political Science Department are regularly approached by the media for their analysis of or comments on contemporary political issues. These include providing analysis of the country's elections or commenting on recent global developments.

Contact person: 
Dr Nicola de Jager

Serving on the boards of NGOs which serve the community locally, nationally and internationally 

Boards include Stellenbosch Hospice, the Ethics Institute of South Africa (EthicSA) and the International Association of Bioethics (IAB).

Contact person: Prof Anton van Niekerk

Social Work Supervision and Management Capacity Building Programme

This programme aims to build the supervision and management capacity of the ACVV (the oldest welfare organisation in South Africa), which will enable social work supervisors and managers to execute their functions effectively in contemporary and diverse social welfare organisational contexts.

Contact person: Dr Lambert Engelbrecht

SU Woordfees

The Stellenbosch University Woordfees is a celebration of the word within context and in many other forms as well, be it poetry, prose, debates, as well as various forms of drama and music. The focus is on Afrikaans, but other languages with which we share geographical and other connections (such as languages from Africa as well as Dutch) are also welcomed. The festival is aimed at students, scholars and the public and aims to be as inclusive as possible.

Contact person: Mr Melt Myburgh 

Click here for more information about the Woordfees.

The Nightingale Project

Musical outreach project which brings enrichment through music to the elderly.

Contact person: Ms Minette du Toit-Pearce

Writing popular articles for newspapers and participating in radio broadcasts about topical issues, particularly bioethics

Articles pertaining to issues such as applied ethics, South African politics, the language debate, etc. are often published in mainstream newspapers. This activity contributes to the Faculty and University's image as an active role player in current debates and benefits the community by helping to mould public opinion.

Contact person: Prof Anton van Niekerk