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Integration of CI and Learning and Teaching



The​​​re are various kinds of activities in the Faculty that integrates CI and Teaching and Learning. Although service-learning modules typically fall under this category, there are also other teaching related activities that are not classified as service-learning modules. In some cases service-learning modules are also part of the integration of all three core functions.

For clarification purposes, service-learning modules are those modules that contain a community interaction component, which is credit-bearing. The module coordinator forms a partnership with a community organisation that normally leads to a collaborative project where students render a service according to the expressed needs of the community. The service hours of the students are structured within the time frames of the module and the learning process evolving from that earns the student academic credit. Learning is measured through reflection and assessment.

Those academics who are interested in doing the Short Programme in Service-Learning and Community Engagement (SPSLCE) can contact Dr Antoinette Smith-Tolken from the Division of CI.

The following activities were listed in the 2011 audit as CI activities that integrate CI and Teaching and Learning:



Bible Interpretation and Translation in Africa​

The mission of the Centre is to coordinate and develop academic skills in Bible interpretation and translation through research and facilitation in order to deliver a service to Bible interpreters, Bible translators and to facilitate the use of the Bible in general and on the African continent.

Contact person: Prof Christo van der Merwe​​

This project aims to train students as interpreters and to do research about the interpreting practice. As an extension of the project a budget interpreting service is being delivered by students in the programme. This service is being provided to various language communities in the immediate vicinity. 

Over the years student organisations and student activities on campus, farmworkers and patients at hospitals benefit from it. Furthermore, student-interpreters are also used during certain lectures and certain meetings on campus. More or less 80 students were involved with the service delivery since it started.

Interpreting workshops are also provided frequently. In the one instance healthcare interpreters were trained for the Department of Health that were placed at various hospitals in the Western Cape. The impact of the interpreting services is immediately visible in every situation and assists with communication across language boundaries. The service in the official languages as well as modern foreign languages has been well received over the years.

The project leader is Dr Harold Lesch. He is assisted by Mr Marius Swart and Ms Lelanie de Roubaix.

Contact person: Dr Harold Lesch

Financial literacy education pro-
gramme for social work service users

The financial literacy education programme aims to provide social work service users with knowledge, skills and values needed to make sound financial decisions, helping them participate in the mainstream financial system, to move up the economic ladder and eventually achieve financial security.

Contact person:  Dr Lambert Engelbrecht

Kairos Drama G​​​​​​roup

Ms Annelene Hartnick established the Kairos Drama Group in 1998. The organisation's core function was to impart theatre and life skills to high school learners. The organisation has since grown into a highly respected youth empowerment programme that offers a wide range of services to schools and communities throughout the Western Cape, Hessequa and Southern Cape regions. The Kairos Drama Group conducts drama workshops in the Hessequa and Eden district. It has also performed a variety of theatre in education plays ranging from HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, career guidance etc. A film documentary project in 2007 saw 30 youth from Hessequa trained in documentary filmmaking. The group established a performing arts festival in 2010.

Contact person: Mr Abduraghman Adams

Rural Engagement Project, Certificate Programme

The Rural Engagement Project was developed as a subsidiary of the Certificate Programme, which is run by the Music Department. The project covers the following areas: Vlottenburg, Riversdal, Genadendal, Caledon, Kylemore, Macassar, Mamre, Pacaltsdorp and Eersterivier. It is also linked to the service-learning module offered by the Music Department as some undergraduate students who are enrolled in this course undertake teaching/mentoring in the Rural Engagement Project, which serves as the community service hours that they must complete for the course. Currently theory of music, brass, woodwind, guitar and recorder are being taught.

Contact person: Ms Pamela Kierman

Schola Cantorum Choral Seminars 

Seminars with workshops, lectures, master classes, open discussions and concerts on different levels for choral conductors, singers, composers and administrators. These workshops are presented annually 3-5 days at a time. Choirs and conductors may request further workshops on an individual basis.

Contact person: Dr Rudolf de Beer

Social Work Practice Education 188

First-year students are placed as volunteers with learners in schools in Stellenbosch and work with these learners. The Social Work Department partners with schools in Stellenbosch on this project. Social Work Practice Education 188 is a complete service-learning module in the Social Work curriculum.

Contact person: Ms Rochelle Williams

Social Work Practice Education 288

Students in their second year are placed at welfare organisations in the Cape Town area for part of their practice education module. The students build a relationship with:

  • ​an individual;
  • a group of eight members (children, aged persons, mentally challenged adults); and
  • also have exposure to a community as they do a joint project in a particular community.

Social Work Practice Education 188 is a complete service-learning module in the Social Work curriculum.

Contact person: Ms Rochelle Williams 

Social Work Practice Education 388

Students in their third year of study are placed at welfare organisations in the Cape Town area for an integrated placement in case work, group work, community work and social work administration for one full year. Social Work Practice Education 388 is a  complete service-learning module in the Social Work curriculum.

Contact person: Ms Rochelle Williams

Social Work Practice Education ​​488

​Students are placed at welfare organisations for an integrated placement (case work, group work, community work, social work administration and research) throughout their fourth year of study. Social Work Practice Education 488 is a complete service-learning module in the Social Work curriculum.

Contact person: Ms Rochelle Williams

Stellenbosch Jazz Vocal Ensemble
This is a music ensemble that exposes vocal students to the traditions and styles of vocal improvisation. The group consists of under- and postgraduate students from various disciplines at Stellenbosch University as well as students from the Music Certificate Programme and members of the Winelands community. The ensemble was established in 2009 and falls under the auspices of the Stellenbosch Symphonic Wind Ensemble (USSBE), which is directed by Ms Pamela Kierman.

Contact person: Ms Felicia Lesch

A music ensemble which exposes students to the traditions and styles of Big Band music. The band consists of students in the BMus degree programme, past students and current students of the Music Certificate Programme, and some high school learners from schools in the area.  The Band falls under the auspices of the Stellenbosch Symphonic Wind Ensemble (USSBE), one of the ensembles at the Music Department (Konservatorium) which is directed by Ms Pamela Kierman.  

Contact person: Ms Felicia Lesch​​

​​Provides formal musical education to previously disadvantaged individuals who never had an opportunity to study music before.

​Contact person: Ms Felicia Lesch


The University of Stellenbosch Symphonic Wind Ensemble plays an educational role in the BMus programme as well as in various community music projects. Ensemble members are drawn from BMus students, students from other departments at SU, Certificate Programme students (the Bridging and Community Outreach Programme of the Music Department), local high schools and members of the broader Stellenbosch community.

​Annual concerts include:

    1. ​January: Welcoming ceremony of first-year SU students
    2. March: Graduation
    3. March: Endler Concert - Band Extravaganza with community bands and various school bands
    4. September: Endler Concert - Educational week culminating in USSBE performance; guest conductor; and a Rural Engagement Programme (Certificate Programme) Band from the Overberg performing in the foyer prior to the concert.
    5. October: Community Performance together with Jazz Band: Paarl Boys High
    6. December: Graduation - USSBE provides incidental music prior to ceremonies, processional music and accompanies national anthem.
Performances generally incorporate an element of Community Engagement: Learners from local music outreach projects, students enrolled in the Certificate Programme (Bridging and Outreach programme of Music Department) and Rural Engagement Programme (of the Certificate Programme) are invited to attend all Endler Concerts. The Rural Engagement Programme of the Genadendal region provides a brass band of young learners who perform in the foyer of the Endler prior to the September concerts.

Contact person: Ms Pamela Kierman

The educational role of the University's Symphony Orchestra plays a central role in the BMus programme. It also engages in community interaction projects on an on-going basis. Participation in outside concerts include for example concerts at the New Apostolic Church, the Kalfiefees and Cultivaria.

​​Contact person: Mr Peter Martens​​
The WOW project is a language empowerment project of the SU Woordfees. The target group is usually learners from previously disadvantaged communities.

​Contact person: Ms Shireen Crotz​​