Arts & Social Science
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Mission & Vision


​The mission of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is the discovery, transfer and application of knowledge for the promotion of the human sciences, and the enrichment ​​​and enhancement of the quality of life of the people of this region, country and continent.


​The Faculty wishes to be a dynamic and internationally acknowledge centre of academic leadership in the Western Cape, South Africa and the rest of Africa that:

  • is considered a sought-after base for training in the humanities, in particular the Arts, Languages and Social Sciences;

  • provides excellent teaching and research that is relevant to the region, country and continent, and is internationally competitive;

  • implements innovative initiatives in community service and makes a contribution towards developing a just society;

  • is accessible to all members of the South African population who qualify for university admission,

  • and is enriched in its teaching, research and service provision by a representative staff, with an institutional culture that promotes the optimal fulfilment of human potential and characterised by a participative, empowering ethos that exploits language and cultural differences as an asset.​​