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​The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences provides a dynamic and interactive learning environment to its students focusing in particular on preparing our graduates for an ever-growing knowledge-based society and economy. Its research, teaching and learning, and community interaction focuses on the challenges of being human in a rap

idly globalising world. It is our goal to not only become the base for training in the humanities in particular the Arts, Languages and Social Sciences, but to provide teaching and research that is relevant to the region, country and continent, and is internationally competitive.​​​​​​​​


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The Graduate School ​is an initiative of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. It facilitates and administers the awarding of international postgraduate Masters and Doctoral scholarships across departments within the Faculty. 

The School aims to provide a supportive space that is dynamic and collegial and that enables students to engage with research that addresses the challenges of our time.

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​​​Dean's Concession Exam 2021/2022

Students seeking more information on the Dean's ​​Concession Exam 2021/2022, can download a memo with more detail here​. ​​​​​​​
2021 Operational Plan for Staff and Students​​

Click here for a copy of the Faculty of Arts and Social Science's operational plan for staff and students with a focus on academic learning spaces (lockdown
Level 1).
​​​2021 Teaching and Learning Approach 
(1st Semester)​​

Do you want to know more about the teaching and learning approach that the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences will be following for the first semester? Download our first-semester teaching and learning plan for ​undergraduate students here.
Impleme​​ntation Plan 2022

​​To find out more about the Faculty's Language ​Implementation Plan 2022, click here​.​​​​​​​