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Should you be interested in the sciences you can't go wrong by doing a degree in AgriSciences! ​

Exciting and stimulating fields of study will be opened to you. Moreover, it ushers you into the ranks of experts who are strongly in demand in South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world.

Entry to undergraduate programmes in AgriSciences at Stellenbosch University is subject to a structured selection process and only a certain number of students are allowed to join these study programmes.

Read the latest Agri newsletter for Prospecive Students. Click here. We have included a few info snippets on the types of research our students and staff do, exciting projects they are busy with, places they have visited, accolades we have received and all sorts of fun stuff they have been part of.

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If you have a degree in Agrisciences, you have a qualification with which you can compete on national and international levels. You will be part of a group of experts who are highly sought-after in South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world. ​

There is a range of challenging employment opportunities in the agricultural, forestry and conservation industries, ranging from the most practical to the highly technological. These include various management aspects, such as those relating to human resources, finance, plants and animals, equipment and the environment. Graduates can choose to work in the outdoors, in laboratories or in the business environment. The success of our former students in the work environment is widely recognised, with several of our graduates accepting senior management positions early in their careers.


Fields of study

  • Conservation Ecology
  • Forestry and Wood Science
    • ​F​orestry and Natural R​​esource Science
    • Wood ​​​and Wood Products Sciences
  • Animal Production Systems
    • Animal Science
    • Animal Science with Agronomy
    • Animal Science with Aquaculture
    • Animal Science with Conservation Ecology
    • Agricultural Economics with Animal Science
  • Plant and Soil Science
    • Crop Production
    • Crop Protection and Breeding
    • Soil and Water Management
  • Agricultural Economics and Management
    • Agribusiness Management (BAgricAdmin)
    • Agricultural Economics Analysis
    • Agricultural Economics Analysis and Management
    • Agricultural Economic Analysis and Management with Food Science
    • Agricultural Economics and Food Science
  • Food Production Systems
    • Food Science
  • Wine Production Systems
    • Viticulture and Oenology (General)
    • Oenology (Specialised)
  • ​Agricultural Production and Management (Elsenburg)


Study programmes and minimum requirements



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