African Institute for ATLAS.ti
Welcome to Stellenbosch University



The AIA was founded in June 2012 and officially launched in January 2013, during the African Doctoral Academy's 5th annual Summer School in Research Methods.

fltr: Dr Lauren Wildschut (AIA), Dr Susanne Friese (ATLAS.ti, Berlin) and Prof Johann Mouton (ADA).

The AIA aims to support and focus on the developing context of African academics and researchers. The intention is to dove-tail with current ATLAS.ti offerings and to build a cadre of qualitative researchers who produce rigorous quality research utilising ATLAS.ti. Support for African qualitative researchers and doctoral students will be provided by both AIA and the courses currently offered by the ADA.


The AIA will become a virtual support network for qualitative researchers using ATLAS.ti and for Masters and Doctoral students who utilise ATLAS.ti for literature reviews or analysis of qualitative data.  This network will consist of members (those who simply want to access the resources and training the AIA has to offer) and champions (those who have completed the Advanced ATLAS.ti training course run through the ADA, would like to advocate the use of ATLAS.ti on the continent, support other researchers and in the long-term become trainers).