Corporate Identity
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Corporate Identity

​​​​Nurturing a valuable and exceptional asset​​​

​Stellenbosch University has gained wide recognition for its high research and teaching standards. Since it was founded, more than 150 years ago, the University has become a highly esteemed centre of learning that continues to attract students from all over South Africa and from other countries. It is an institution of academic excellence, with a dedicated teaching staff, efficient administration and an enthusiastic student community. It is also inseparable from the internationally known town situated in a region of great natural beauty.

Our reputation - or as marketing professionals refer to it, our corporate identity - is one of our most valuable assets, and like any other asset it must be carefully developed and managed.

The challenges stemming from a competitive environment compel us to adopt an approach that is more in line with contemporary thinking and therefore more corporate-based. But it is an approach that nevertheless projects an image of stature and depth as befits a prominent academic institution. In 2000 we adopted a new logo as an addition to our widely known and respected coat of arms. Taken together, the new logo with the slogan your knowledge partner and our coat of arms with the motto Pectora roborant cultus recti reflect both our striving for constant renewal and our commitment to our heritage. The purpose of this manual is to ensure consistency in the way in which we present ourselves. This includes the correct use of our name and our symbols. When carefully applied, our corporate identity system will link together all our faculties, departments, student organisations and sports clubs, while still making provision for their individuality. Our objective is to create a consistent, readily recognisable and positive image of our University that will reinforce our known commitment to teaching and research excellence and to vibrant interaction with the communities we serve.

Although the Communication and Liaison Division is responsible for coordinating the complex task of managing our corporate identity, all of us attached to this University have an important role to play in nurturing and developing our reputation.

The objective of this Corporate Identity Guide is to establish a distinctive and compelling identity for the University as a whole. This will benefit everyone associated with us - our staff, our students, our alumni, our partners in commerce and industry and our financial associates. It is the first phase in the compilation of a comprehensive guide to the proper use of the visual aspects of our corporate identity. The individual nature of the various entities that make up our University may from time to time necessitate minor adaptations. As part of the willing cooperation that is so vital to the effective use of our corporate identity, we welcome any suggestions that will lead to improvement.

Please support this initiative and so help us to present our University proudly.​