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Matie Community Service (MCS)​
MCS aims to: address needs of communities through service and development programmes; utilise the students, the expertise and co-workers of Stellenbosch University, as well as co-workers and resources outside the University; provide an organizational framework for participation in community service. View opportunities for involvement. Also view the student's guide to Matie Community Interaction.

MCS Annual Report 2015 : view report


MAD² (Make a Decision to Make a Difference)
MAD² is a student-driven fundraising effort that links directly with the Student Representative Council giving students a direct say in the programme. The programme includes a number of student events with main aim of raising funds for Maties Community Service (MCS). All funds raised by MAD² will be paid over to MCS

Students' Representative Council (SRC)

Frederick van Zyl Slabbert Institute - view student comment​


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