Community Interaction
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Training and support

​​​​Support and training opportunities for engaged teaching and learning

​The Office for Engaged Teaching and Learning offers support, workshops and a credit bearing programme and short courses to build the capacity of academic staff in engaged teaching and research.


Support is offered to individuals, departments and faculties who want to embark on engaged teaching (experiential learning approach) and research (community-based research) or who is doing it already, but needs support and guidance. Support is also offered with the accreditation forms for new programs before submission to the Program Advisory Committee of the institution.


Workshops on specialised areas of experiential learning (such as forming collaborative relationships with communities, reflection and assessment) and community-based research methodologies are offered on demand or planned annually. This may also be offered on departmental of faculty level.

SUNInteract short program and courses

For more information about the program, please contact Dr Antoinette Smith-Tolken (