Community Interaction
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Engaged Teaching & Learning

​​​​​​Engaged Teaching and Learning​ in the Division for Community Interaction

  • An Office for Engaged Teaching and Learning offers support and capacity to staff and students to promote the integration of community interaction:

    • into the curriculum through engaged learning pedagogies such as service-learning, work integrated learning and community-based learning;
    • into research through collaborative research methodologies

  • Support to faculties:

    • consultation and advice on the strategic inclusion of community interaction into academic programs;
    • assistance in establishing structures to manage and govern community interaction in the faculty,
    • Assistance in finding appropriate partners in the community for engaged teaching and learning,
    • Designing and offering accredited capacity building programs for faculty staff in engaged teaching and research,
    • Offering continuous support to faculty members to initiate and implement curricular community interaction, and
    • Offering opportunities to attend conferences and publish in their field.