Community Interaction
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 The COP Forum was established in the spirit of sharing and transferring knowledge within a learning organisation, to share ideas and experiences, increase awareness of activities within the university, provide support, facilitate collaboration across disciplines, strengthen SU’s community interaction as a whole and facilitate the creation of new knowledge. ​

Examples of topics covered:

•monitoring and evaluation (Chris van Wyk)

•alternative forms of communication with community partners (Lorraine Ambole)

•fostering community-based research at SU (Mawethu Nyakatya)

•Knowledge democracy (Rajesh Tandon)

•The iShack project and other initiatives of the School for Public Leadership (Mark Swilling)

•A discussion about knowledge and what it is (Jerome Slamat & John van Breda)

•What do research, a train and a choir have in common: how research, teaching and learning and community interaction produces a beautiful potjie in three different communities in the Western and Eastern Cape.
(Lorenza Williams and Bianca Josephs)​