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High Science meets High School

​Here we invite Stellenbosch University researchers from Science, Engineering, and Technology related fields to present their outstanding research findings in a simplified manner to young high school learners at a stage before they choose subjects that they will follow until Matric. The purpose is to inspire the learners and nudge them towards thinking about future studies and careers in science.

See attached video clips from previous events: ​



Dr Gareth Boxall (Mathematics)

Topic: Rational Numbers and the Riemann Zeta Function  

Louis Roodt (Civil Engineering)

Topic: Physics and Mathematics in Vehicle Crash Reconstruction

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Prof Paul Papka (Physics)

Topic: A Search for Cluster States in Atomic Nuclei

Mandi Alblas (Biomedical Sciences)

Topic: Forensic Anthropology and Crime Investigation

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Dr Theo Nell (Physiology)

Topic: Urbanisation and Metabolic Syndrome

Grant van Velden (Centre for Human Performance Science)

Topic: The Use of GPS Athlete Tracking Units to Analyse Athletic Performance

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