Community Interaction
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Community Research Opportunities

​Here we list opportunities for research as identified by the community in collaboration with the university through various forms of engagement.

This is to draw the attention of the broader university community (academics and students) interested in Community-Based Research to consider taking aspects of these projects for research, and to request funding support for these projects.           

To explore opportunities in collaborative research with community partners, please contact:

Mawethu J Nyakatya

Phone: 021 808 9142

Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Academics and students interested in researching the area of alcohol and substance abuse are invited to consider undertaking collaborative research with community organizations to tackle some of the challenges facing the greater Stellenbosch community regarding alcohol and substance abuse as they were raised at a university-community workshop that was held on Friday 06th June 2014 between researchers and community workers. A summary of the issues raised at the workshop is attached; however collaboration in additional related matters will also be welcome.  Alcohol and Substance Abuse - Community Challenges.pdf


Stellenbosch Heritage Project

The Stellenbosch Heritage Project (SHP) would like to invite interested academics and students to use their project as a resource for understanding the process of uniting communities around a common heritage. The Stellenbosch Heritage Project was started in May 2011 by a group of concerned residents and representatives of the Stellenbosch communities. The main aim of the project was to create an inclusive heritage culture in Stellenbosch that can be jointly celebrated by all communities. And to use Stellenbosch as a microcosm of a South African society such that lessons learnt in this project could be applied nationally and in other parts of the world.. Please see that attached summary document for expanded information about the project as well as the project website.   Background on Stellenbosch Heritage Project May 2014.pdf​

Khayamandi History and Heritage Project

The Khayamandi community under the guidance of IMBADU MA-AFRIKA DEVELOPMENT CONSORTIUM and the SOLMS-DELTA FOUNDATION wishes to engage in collaborative research projects with STELLENBOSCH UNIVERSITY to uncover the history and heritage of the people and the township of Khayamandi. The main aim is to have a permanent display of the research outputs (a living heritage museum) in Khayamandi to attract tourism and act as a spring-board for small-scale entrepreneurial opportunities, a centre for cultural and social life; and to integrate Khayamandi into the economy of Stellenbosch and thereby foster a more inclusive sense of Stellenbosch community.  Areas envisaged for contributions include: Archaeology; Sociology; Anthropology; Psychology; Arts; Architecture; Business; Health; and Environmental Sciences. For more information please see the attached project summary. Khayamandi Heritage.pdf


Idas Valley History Project

The Idas Valley Ministers' fraternal requests academics or students interested in the studying the history of communities to partner with them to research the history of Idas Valley and publish this work into a book for current and future generations to learn where their community came from. Preliminary work that has been done on this project includes the identification of community researchers, writers, as well as the list of family names and people that have been residents of Idas Valley from the early days and therefore may be useful resources for the History of Idas Valley project. See attached document for a brief background of the idea. Draft Proposal Idas Valley.pdf 


Khoi-San Healing

A traditional healer from Citrusdal in the Olifants River Valley, near Cederberg Mountains in the Western Cape would like to collaborate with academics or students to research the toxicity and efficacy of his Khoi-San traditional medicines that he uses to treat various illnesses from the people of Citrusdal and surrounding areas. The attached document gives a brief summary of the traditional healer's story.  ​Citrusdal Project.pdf