Community Interaction
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Community-Based Research

​Stellenbosch University is tackling the challenges facing our world and society in new and innovative ways. The Community-Based Research portfolio helps to connect the university's multidisciplinary research expertise with government, non-governmental organisations, and the wider community.

The Division engages these diverse groups to work with the university and matches the needs of the society with university research in order to deliver excellent research that is relevant to local communities, and creates innovative solutions that changes the way we work and live.

The DCI works with external stakeholders in a number of ways, formally and informally, through Memoranda of Understanding (MOU's); Research Agreements; and Community Engagement Forums.

The Division provides capacity building workshops and short courses for our academics and graduate students who often engage or intend to engage in Community-Based Research. It maintains a Community Research Needs listing for academics and students who wish to pursue research with local communities, and also manages internal and external incentives for engaged research. 

To explore opportunities in Community-Based Research, please contact:

Mawethu J Nyakatya

Phone: 021 808 9142