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Leave a Legacy

For many alumni and friends of Stellenbosch University, the lasting impact of a charitable bequest is the easiest way to make a gift to Stellenbosch University. Even though it costs you nothing now, it could give you the satisfaction of knowing that your future gift will live on and has the potential to leave a lasting legacy. ​​

You can make the university a beneficiary in your will by bequeathing cash, shares or any other form of property to Stellenbosch University. The full Rand value of charitable gifts in your will is tax deductible and can reduce your estate duty liability significantly. Making a bequest is easy - simply draw up a new will or add a codicil to an existing will. 

Heritage Guild

The Heritage Guild is in honor of those visionary supporters of Stellenbosch University who had the foresight to make, and help keep, SU an institute of excellence. The Heritage Guild allows us to celebrate the support of our bequest benefactors whilst they are still with us and encourage others to consider this form of support. Membership to the Heritage Guild is open to anyone who confirms in writing that they have left a bequest of any nature to the University. Membership does not obligate you in any way. Guild members are the most important supporters of the university and will be invited to regular events to hear from interesting speakers, meet like minded people and learn what their support will make possible​.

More Information​

For more information on Bequests:

Hugo Steyn
Tel: +27 21 808 3615
Email: ​

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