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Our current Adabas Natural in-house-designed Student Information System (SIS), which had been developed continuously since 1989, reached the end of its lifecycle. The system technology is out of date, programming skills are scarce, and key development and support staff are due to retire.

Strategically, we must broaden access through increased flexibility in our operations. This includes also being able to administer non-traditional courses and programmes, semesters and quarters, hybrid learning, etc. In addition, we require accurate, real-time data presented via user-friendly analytics and dashboards to make better-informed, effective institutional decisions.

This project is not limited to one organisational environment only but is an institution-wide initiative.
The project supports five of SU's six core strategic themes that will take the University forward into the next century. These are as follows:
  • A thriving Stellenbosch University During the external evaluation of the Registrar’s Division (RD) in 2017, the review panel observed that the Student Information System project (as it was called at the time) was probably one of the most critical factors in achieving the strategic priorities of not only the RD, but of the institution as a whole. The SUNStudent project (as it has since been named) will ensure the delivery of a fit-for-purpose system, which will bring about profound and sustainable change and regeneration in all facets of the administration of the student lifecycle - from recruitment to graduation and beyond. The system will also enable improved reporting on student data. A student administration and information system that is agile, adaptive and responsive will go a long way towards seeing SU thrive.
  • A transformative student experience The system will provide a unique, personalised student experience by delivering comprehensive, premium-quality support services and guidance to our student community, and enabling accurate, timeous and appropriate communication to targeted student cohorts.
  • Purposeful partnerships and inclusive networks The system will help enhance and expand engagement opportunities for, and strengthen SU's ties with, our substantial alumni communities.
  • Networked and collaborative teaching and learning The project will support the digital strategy as a basis for digital fluency. It will also ensure the continuous renewal of the University’s academic programmes through a systematic process with clearly assigned roles and responsibilities for the various role-players.
  • Employer of choice The system will help enhance the well-being of our staff by creating an enabling environment for greater efficiency and increased productivity. This will add to their sense of purpose and value in the institution, as they contribute to SU’s value of excellence.
All personnel in supporting and academic functions who interact with students, utilise student information and/or perform academic administrative tasks or processes.