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SUNStudent Phase 1 virtual training sessions successfully completed

Mixed emotions were at the order of the day as the time arrived where the new world of SUNStudent was introduced and the start of bidding farewell to the black screen became a reality.

SUNStudent keeps great momentum and prepares for Phase 1 training sessions

Over the past few months everyone had to focus on adapting to new ways of work, new ways of conducting meeting​s, new ways to interact with our colleagues to ensure that the deadlines for the Blueprint documents sign-off process were still met.

SUNStudent celebrated first project milestone

The SUNStudent project achieved its first milestone amidst the COVID 19 pandemic. Even though everyone was in lockdown, nothing was going to halt celebrations to acknowledge and express thanks to all those involved in achieving this major milestone.

Bucket 4 - SUNStudent hits huge milestone with the conclusion of the final Blueprint workshops

The Blueprint design phase of the SUNStudent project consisted of 32 capabilities divided into 4 buckets. A workshop for each bucket was conducted with relevant knowledgeable attendees in each capability.

Bucket 3 - SUNStudent Blueprint workshops are learning opportunities and provide valuable insights

Monday 7 October to Friday 18 October was a period of great excitement amongst the attendees of the various focus groups for the SUNStudent Bucket ​3 blueprint workshops.

Bucket 2 - SUNStudent Blueprint workshops lead to huge excitement and interesting discussions

The SUNStudent Bucket 2 Blueprint workshops that included the financial aid, student fees and student loans capabilities took place from Monday 12 August to Friday 23 August.

Bucket 1 - So the SUNStudent story begins...

The first phase of the SUNStudent project consists of Blueprint workshops during which all relevant capabilities are discussed with key stakeholders. ​​ ​

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