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Blueprint workshop

The goal of the workshops is to discuss current business processes and simultaneously compare them to the best internationally accepted practices Academia (the new SIS) offers.

Blueprint document 
The Blueprint workshop discussions will culminate in a Blueprint document, that includes SU process flows and requirements for each one of the​ capabilities.

A bucket consists of various capabilities.​​​

A bursary is a grant, especially one awarded to a student to enable him/her to study at university or college. A bursary may be awarded on various eligibility criteria, such as academic achievement, sporting excellence, financial neediness, or race or gender-specific measures. Bursaries are normally awarded by a university, or sometimes by companies and institutions. Bursaries and scholarships are synonymous in many ways, and are tools used to assist students financially. In some cases, a bursary is awarded on the condition that a student works or gives of his/her time to meet the bursary requirements.​

Business capability is an expression of a business function or business area, i.e. “Recruitment", “Admissions", “Curriculum Management", etc. It answers the question: What does the institution need to be successful in that area?

Financial aid 
Financial aid is money given to a student to cover academic or non-academic expenses. Financial aid includes grants, bursaries, scholarships, loans, rebates and discounts. Sometimes, financial aid is offered to cover out-of-pocket expenses that are not part of the cost of study, but are linked to work done while at university. Examples include travel costs relating to participation in conferences and events, research-related expenses such as patent costs, etc. ​